BLS Challenge

  • Nureses and Medical Professionals

EMSA fairly new type of offering from American Heart Association is “BLS Renewal Challenge“. Designed for medical professionals, EMT’s, emergency room, nurses, or others that are well-versed in CPR and ECC techniques, and maintain the cognitive knowledge and skills to pass a written test and CPR skills check without sitting through a 3 hour class and watching videos. This is an appointement to take the written BLS exam, which you must pass with 84% or higher (on first try with no remediation), and then pass an adult CPR skills check and infant CPR skills check, again – no coaching or remediation.

The good part – if you have the right stuff, you’re out in 40 minutes with a new BLS card, for $50. You must have a current (yea, that means not-expired) BLS card with you, and have a BLS book with you (borrowed, checked out from library, we don’t care). This is a one-on-one appointment for you, so pay in advance, no refund if you aren’t successful. Must be instructor 1 on 1, but you can bring a buddy, take the written test at same time, and do 2-rescuer CPR together (you BOTH have do show 1-rescuer CPR skills). Contact Us for a BLS Renewal Challenge Appt.

bls challenge

This option is not available within 1 year of new ECC guidelines being released, and too bad if BLS card expired 1 week ago – those are the AHA guidelines, which we will follow.

This is like the equivalent of “Skills Check Part 2 and 3” for folks that completed the online BLS Part 1, and took the written test online.  You have to already have the knowledge and skill, but you save an hour and $28.50 from completing the online course.


Why does this make sense? Well, should two paramedics, that have the head knowledge, and use the CPR skills on a weekly or monthly basis, have to sit through a BLS class?  We believe, and AHA believes, if they show their cognititive knowledge and hands-on skills, they get another 2-year certification card.